January 2019   
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Facing Life's Storms

Teachable Moment:

With spring in full bloom and summer around the corner, I’m reminded of a fishing trip I took in 1978.  One of the men from my church invited me to go fishing off shore at the rigs out of Vermillion Bay, so with much gratitude I accepted.  Just one year later I would move to Golden Meadow and live next to the Gulf, but this was my first trip.  We had caught a couple of fish at one of the rigs when I heard my host say, “Oh!”  I looked up to see what had happened and found him looking out into the Gulf.  There was one huge storm coming right at us.  He did not seem to be frightened; he just needed help putting up the canvas that protected the cabin on the boat.  As the storm drew near I asked if he was going to try to move out of its path, and the answer I received did not make me happy… The answer…”Run where?”  And he was right, as far as the eye could see, there was nothing but storm. The only clear direction was deeper into the Gulf.  So, he pulled away from the rig and headed straight into the storm. I thought I was going to die with this lunatic who heading into the storm instead of retreating.  But then the storm hit and we bounced up and down like a yo yo on a string. He showed not fear; he just kept the boat moving slowly into the storm, watching his compass. Soon I realized this guy knew what he was doing, so I broke out the sandwiches and cokes and we ate lunch trying to place the sandwich in our mouths instead of on our noses.  Fifteen minutes later, the waters calmed down, the storm moved farther into the Gulf and we went back to the rig to fish.  Later, he told me the storm would have caught us if we tried to out run it, the rig would have crushed us when the waves would have pushed us into it, so the only thing was to trust the boat that got us out there and head into the storm and take it on.  You know, that is exactly how we should take on the storms in our lives.  We can’t run away from them, they will follow us; we can’t hold on to that which is not ours, it will crush us; we need to just trust the One who brought us this far and face the storm, keeping our eyes of the compass (God’s Holy Word) and by faith feast on the manna He has prepared for us.