January 2019   
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Trusting In the LORD

Having Bro. Michael Edens with us this month reminds me of an event that took place during my days at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  This event began on October 10, 1981, with the birth of our daughter, Hannah.  She was four weeks early with an emergency Caesarian Section.  Gilda’s womb had ruptured before the doctors could get to Hannah causing her to inhale embryonic fluid which placed her in grave danger.  Gilda was in the hospital in Galliano, Hannah was rushed to Lakeside Hospital in New Orleans and I was in finals for the Fall Quarter at NOBTS.  The doctors felt it was vitally important for me to be with Hannah as much as possible since Gilda was hospitalized back home and unable to be with her.  I would leave at 4 in the morning, go visit Gilda and then head for New Orleans and Lakeside, where I would stand beside Hannah’s little body full of needles and tubes, rubbing and soothing her as much as I could. Since I was in finals, I would study out loud with soothing tones as if I were speaking to her.  Needless to say, things were quiet hectic.  Then one morning as I was with Hannah I spoke a prayer out loud to the Lord. I had two finals that morning; Baptist History and Exegesis of Mark.  I had a solid “A” in Mark, but was concerned about Baptist History, so my prayer was something like this; “Lord, you know that I have studied throughout this quarter, and now with all these added difficulties, I need your help. I’m prepared for my test in Mark, but I really need your help with the test in Baptist History…” Feeling confident, I proceeded to NOBTS and aced the Baptist History test but flunked the test in Mark!  I couldn’t believe it! How could I flunk a test when I knew the material?  As I mulled the situation over, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “I would have helped with the test in Mark also, if you had only asked”.  I learned a valuable lesson that day; when I depend on my own understanding I usually get in trouble, but when I trust in the Lord for my situation, He really does direct my path. (Proverbs 3:5-6).  From that time on, I always asked the Lord to help me even when I was prepared… you see, HE is always right and HE never forgets!