January 2019   
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Dad was a great father for a boy to grow up under.  I’ve shared how he patiently taught us to fish for bass in the lakes, bayous and swamps of south Louisiana.  What I didn’t share was how often he caught fish while we simply cast the bait and reeled it in without a tug on the line.  I remember one fishing trip where we were fishing a small lake in the woods outside of Eunice, LA.  I was in my late teens and no longer needed help with backlashes or snags.  We were wading in the shallows and walking the bank at the deep end.  I was using the identical Ambassador 5000 casting reel with the identical 17lb. line, and the identical H&H Spinner bait as Dad was using.  He had caught several bass to my zero so I tried to do exactly like him; casting the same moment he did, reeling the same speed, and holding the rod tip at the same angle.  He never looked at how I was fishing, simply because he was doing what I was supposed to be doing… fishing.  I had become so determined to mimic him, I forgot that I was supposed to be concentrating on the fish not the other fisherman.  We get like that in our spiritual walk sometimes.  We begin to look at the success of others and forget that the focus must be on those we are trying to reach.  There have been many times Dad doubled or tripled the amount of fish I caught, but he never said “What’s wrong with you, can’t you catch fish?”  His words for each little fish I caught was, “That’s the way to go, put him on the stringer!”  We are not competing with anyone when we fish for men, we are simply fishing with our Father, and He always says, “That’s the way to go, put one in the family”.  So come on… lets go fishing.