January 2019   
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Fighting Over Santa
I enjoy listening to the morning talk show on ……. And the other day they asked about old memories from past Christmases.  I began to reminisce through many memorable events I have to admit one still stands out above all others.  It actually took place on the school bus while I still in the first grade.  Somehow the conversation went to the subject of Santa Claus and this kid on the bus told me there was no Santa, so after a short conversation, I began to fight with him trying to make him “take it back”.  The bus driver was none to pleased to pull over and break up a fight but he did.  When I got off the bus, I immediately went to my room, got the photograph with me sitting on Santa’s lap and put it in my book sack.  The next morning with proof in my hands, I showed Mr. Smarty Pants the picture that proved I was right.  Well! He just said it was a fake Santa and almost started the second fight.  Returning home, I went to Mom with the picture to get her backing of my position, only to hear that the Santa in the picture was her cousin’s husband dressed in a fake Santa suit.  I was crushed. Not because I had found out the truth, but because I was going to hear that “I told you so” from Mr. Smarty Pants.  You know, looking back, I learned a valuable lesson, “Just because we believe it, doesn’t make it right”.  The truth about Santa is nothing compared to other “truths” I believed;  I learned that winning at all cost is not where truth lies, its winning by the rules that counts. I learned that winning the fist fight was not winning at all.  I learned that getting presents was not as much fun as giving them.   I thought because I was a good guy, I was going to heaven, but then I learned that good boys go to hell, only those saved by Jesus get to heaven.  I learned that prayer is more than saying words, it’s talking to my Father in heaven.  Yes, I’ve since learned that a lot of my “truths” were myths perpetuated by others by design for the fun of it (Santa) or by honestly mistaken people who passed on their mistaken “truths” to me.  So, how do we distinguish the error from the truth?  First we need to really study God’s Word because in it we find the real truth (2 Tim. 2:15).  Secondly, we need to learn to trust God for true understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6) and not our own understanding, because it may be mistaken.