January 2019   
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Sundayitis: Childhood Disease

Sundayitis… Ever hear of it?  It’s a childhood disease that always happens on Sunday morning.  The complaint usually begins with the words, “Mom, I don’t feel good”.  The symptoms can be verried, from tummy aches, to head aches.  Sometimes the symptom is so unusual the only thing the child can say is… “I don’t know, I just don’t feel good”.  Amazingly, the ailment almost always disappears when Dad and the other children drive off for church.  At that time the child’s hunger returns accompanied by the desire to watch TV or play on the computer.  Even though there were no computers when I was young, there was a black and white TV that usually had cartoons on Sunday mornings, so every now and then I would catch “Sundayitis”.  I had a wonderful and intelligent Mom (and still do) that would diligently sit at home with her poor sick little boy, while Dad would go to church with my brothers.  It didn’t take her long to see how fast I would be cured after their departure, so she decided to try her own cure.  And I must admit, once she figured out the cure, this mysterious “Sundayitis” just absolutely disappeared.  Would you Moms out there like to know the miraculous cure?  Well, okay if you insist!  When Dad would go out to the car to leave for church, Mom would take out her Bible and Sunday School book and we would have our own Sunday School at home… NO TV.  Then we would sit quietly and let God speak to us, or we would spend an hour praying for all the people who would be in worship at church… and again, NO TV. This we would do until Dad, and my brothers would drive up to the house.  Then, since I was miraculously healed I could join my brothers for lunch and enjoy an afternoon of playing followed by…. Sunday night Bible study and worship… at church.  It really does work!  Gilda and I have had to use the cure ourselves with our own children.  Try it, you will like it.