January 2019   
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Hurting The Ones You Love
Growing up I had a cousin who was mentally handicapped, and even though he was a good ten years older than us, mentally he was just a boy.  We loved to pay with Gin, he was so big he could swing us around in circles until we were so dizzy we could not stand up, or he could lift us up to the first branches of trees that we wanted to climb.  There was only one problem, he didnt always know his own strength.  In playing with us, sometimes he would hurt us, and when we would cry, he would hug us and say,  "If I didnt love you, I wouldn't hurt you".  We would always forgive and start playing again because we did know that he loved us.  You know he was right to a certain extent we can hurt those we love all too easy, and it is simply because we do or say something without thinking or due to a lapse in judgment.  Too often, when we hurt one another, instead of hugging them and saying Im sorry, we walk away and dont say anything at allor we seek to justify our actions.  I believe if we swallowed our pride and did like Gin did, our lives and the lives of those who are closest to us would be a lot better off.