January 2019   
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My grandfather, Leopold Miller, was a great outdoorsman.  He could go into the forests and swamps and find its hidden treasures.  Things like muscadine vines, wild grape vines, wild persimmon trees, and the may-haw trees.  He never carried a compass but always knew the "ins and outs" of those woods and swamps and always knew the way home.  I was different.  I truly loved the outdoors, and still do, but the only way for me to find the hidden treasures of the woods and swamps was to follow him… closely. I had to have a compass to come out of the woods unless I was thoroughly familiar with it.  But, my lack of natural instincts did not deter me! With my grandfather or my dad, who also was a great outdoorsman, I hunted and fished with ease and lack of fear, ultimately mastering those special places from memory rather than natural instincts.  This is much like the spiritual realm.  There are some Christians who are absolutely natural at working their way through the Bible with the skill of an outdoorsman.  They can find answers to difficult questions, they can remember where quotations are found, and they can take others straight out of the confusion and lead them to the light.  There are others who can't do these wonderful things.  They need a guide to help them, and someone to teach them of the hidden treasures of God's Word.  If you are not one of those who are so blessed… find one and let them help you learn the "ins and outs" of God's Word.  A good place to start is Sunday School.  The only shame in not understanding God's Word is the shame of not trying.