January 2019   
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With a new year right upon us, our minds go to "Where to from here?", which leads to a special journey I took in 1958.  Dad was a hard worker who, though never rich, took care of his family,   In 1958 we took a trip to Crowley, LA and there they purchased a brand new  '58 Biscayne Chevrolet.  The car was like most of those cars we owned, nothing fancy but in good shape.  As we were turning out of the car lot, we heard this funny little "bing, bing" sound.  Never having heard this strange noise, my brother, Johnny and I began to discuss what this could be.  Then, it happened again as we were turning onto the highway that would lead us home—but this time we caught sight of this little arrow that blinked at the same time as the "binging" noise.  When we asked Dad what that little arrow did, he told us it pointed the direction we were supposed to turn.  Well, our imaginations went wild.  If this car knew the way we were supposed to turn, why not go looking for gold?  After all, Dad would ask it which way to go and it would point the way… why not ask it for gold or BURIED TREASURE? Wow! The rest of the trip home went faster than lightning as we imagined ourselves buying new bikes, new BB guns, and numerous other items our hearts desired.  But, our bubble was quickly burst when Dad confessed and showed us the little stick on the left side of the steering wheel that HE pushed to make the blinking arrow light up.  Our hopes of riches were ended, but the imaginary trip into wealth was worth the kidding we took from Dad for the next couple of weeks.  The direction our lives will take in 2006 will not be determined by chance or by some magical force.  You and I will set our course and live with the results.  You can live by the results of the past or you can set a new course. It's your choice.  I choose to join with Joshua, who said, "As for me and my house… we will serve the Lord."