January 2019   
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Too Good To Be True
Back in 1972, I was coaching in Oberlin, LA.  As I was telling one of the other coaches of my latest goose hunt, a football player approached to talk to me.  He informed me that his dad had quit hunting and wanted to find a good home for their Chesapeake Retriever.  Naturally, I was very glad to "take him of their hands" when I was told he was trained to retrieve.  I went that day and picked up this wonderful gift and brought him home. Though he was huge (125 lbs. at least) he was also gentle which was important for my preschool daughters.  I worked with him in the yard and sure enough, he retrieved and heeled well.  He apparently was not used to holding until commanded to "get the bird", so I tied his lease to my belt and walked to my spot in the field.  We were looking for a good hunt—it had rained that evening filling our field with water, dropping the temperature into the 30's.  I had bragged all the way to the fields about the fortune that had fallen my way, looking through the back glass of my grandfather's truck at my prized retriever.  About one hour after sunrise, the geese began to move and sure enough, a small flock was heading my way well within range.  I looked at my new dog that was snoozing in the morning sun and thought "this is going to be great".  I raised up on my knees and shot at the lead goose, but never got a second shot off.  Instead, I was jerked down into the water on the field and dragged by this wonderful gift that was heading for the truck. Finally, I got my footing and had to cut the leash, sitting there in the mud and water as I watched that leash whip behind that dog all the way to the truck, where he remained until after the hunt.  Needless to say, I returned this wonderful gift while still in my wet and muddy clothes and did not have to answer, "Why".  Just like that dog, we can get some things offered to us that are just "too good to be true".  When we fall victim to men, we can get up, wipe off the mud and regain our composure; but when it is a temptation from Satan, we may find ourselves in a whole mess of trouble—that doesn't just wipe off. King David found this out when he saw Bathsheba bathing on her rooftop next door and instead of looking away, he took what was "too good to be true". This sin brought death to the child she would bear for him; also,  death would run though his family—with his children killing one another and even one trying to kill him. Remember the admonition from Proverbs 16:25, "There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death." - make sure this "good thing" really is from the Lord.