January 2019   
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There are times that our lives become so busy that we get caught looking at all the things that need to be done and never really get any thing done.  Something happened with my dog Lady on one of our many hunts that taught me a valuable lesson.  I already told you last year about the retriever who thought every time I shot, something should fall for her to fetch, but this time my "wonder dog" is the subject of this lesson.  I was working the bayou trying to jump ducks.  I came to a tight bend in the bayou and I could hear ducks at the end of the peninsula I was hunting.  This was in the '80's when, if you did it right, you could get a 10 bird limit.  I got down on all fours and began to creep the ducks with Lady right on my heels, even bumping my rear end with her nose a couple of times when I stopped to check things out.  To my advantage, I noticed a stand of cane along the bayou that I could reach and probably be in shooting range.  Finally, I got to the spot and sure enough, there were probably 20+ ducks on the water, some mallards, grey ducks and teal.  I jumped up and started shooting.  When the smoke cleared, there were eight ducks flapping on the water.  The problem was with Lady she was running back and forth along the back, looking at this bird and that bird and never going after any of them.  I caught her, and got her attention and then picked up a stick and threw it at the closest duck.  She immediately picked up the first one and then like she was trained to do, she picked up all the others including one that tried to run from her in the woods.  The lesson I learned?  The only way to get all those jobs done is to start with one and the rest will fall into place.