January 2019   
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I grew up close to my grandparents, both physically (the only other house in sight) and emotionally.  My grandfather probably had a greater impact on my life simply because of hunting and fishing, but one of the greatest lessons I learned in my early years came at the expense of my grandmother, Pauline (Lynn) Miller.  I was probably around 10 yrs. of age when she became deathly ill with hepatitis C.  She was so ill, the family had been called in believing her death to be immanent.  All the grandchildren were gathered to her house and left with a precious old aunt everyone called "Auntie", to watch over us.  Like all children, we played and enjoyed being together, but when we were called in for lunch, my older brother, Johnny, had us all hold hands and join together for prayer for our grandmother.  Johnny, the oldest of the grandchildren, had all of our respect, so when he asked, we complied.  The prayer my brother gave to the Lord that day was full of innocence and faith.  As we held hands on that beautiful sunshiny day, he asked the Lord to heal our grandmother "Ninny" because we loved her so much. Then with childlike faith he said, "And Lord if you are going to heal her, let it rain right now, so we will know".  Immediately, there was the crack of thunder and rain began pouring from the sky.  It was so awesome, that even Auntie came out of the kitchen and looked outside in disbelief.  Johnny then informed her that Ninny was going to be all right and we ate our lunch. Within the hour, Auntie received a call from one of our parents informing her that Ninny had miraculously recovered and would be all right, to which she answered, "Why little Johnny just told me that before you called." Though that was truly a miracle brought about by the simple faith of children asking their Father for a blessing, there was a greater miracle than that 2000 years ago.  Our loving Savior did die a horrible death; He was not miraculously healed or delivered.  He died and was buried, leaving his disciples and friends confused and broken hearted. But praise God, the greatest miracle of all happened He arose from the dead, never to die again.  Yes, it is wonderful when God answers prayers, but even more precious is His love that refuses our prayers because He has a greater purpose and blessing for us that we cannot imagine.