January 2019   
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Bible Search
As a child I memorized many verses of scripture for many reasons, everything from earning shinny stars in Sunday School or merit badges in RA's to being in love with my Sunday School teacher.  All kinds of reasons, but some scripture I learned the hard way.  One such moment had to do with the husband of Mom's cousin.  They lived back in the woods behind our house and had to drive or walk down the dirt driveway from the highway to our place and then cross the cattle gap and continue to their own house.  Very often Jim (name changed to protect the innocent) would walk through the woods and down our lane to the grocery store across the highway at the end of our drive.  My older brother, Johnny and I were actually afraid of Jim, because he was a very large and rotund man.  No one in our family was that big nor did they look as ferocious as Jim.  One day while we were playing in the front yard, we spotted Jim walking in front of our house, and Johnny dared me to call him "big fat Jim".  Well… a dare was a dare, and Mom was not around so I yelled as loud as I could from the safety of our front porch…"Hey, big fat Jim"!  That was when I learned the new Bible verse.  You see, even though Mom was not in sight, she definitely was within hearing range, and suddenly she was standing over us with this terrible expression on her face.  The stinging on my shoulder from where she had not so gently placed her hand did not scare me as much as the look on her face.  I knew I was "dog meat".  Johnny also learned this Bible lesson, for she had heard him dare me, so we both spent what seemed like an eternity on our knees on the concrete sidewalk in the front yard.  The Bible verse I learned that day… Numbers 32:23  "Be sure your sins will find you out."  All too often, when temptation comes, we look this way and that way to see if anyone is looking, desiring to yield but afraid to get caught.  The problem is… our God hears and knows EVERYTHING.  So, stay out of trouble and don't even think about it!  He will know and you will get caught.