January 2019   
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Teaching our children how to ride a bike is one of the joys I had as a father. First is the joy you get when you see the expression on your child's face when they first see that bike. Then the joy comes when you see them successfully riding it. But in between receiving the bike as a gift and successfully riding it come tears, skinned knees, and discouragement. When a parent is there running alongside that bike and keeping a guiding hand on it, things go well, as a matter of fact often the child feels like he's in control, that is until you take your hand off. Once on his own, the bike often begins to wobble and the smile disappears and fear sets in; all too often the child crashes to the ground and begins to weep. We are often like that with our Father. He gives us the opportunity to learn something new, some new step of faith and we seem unstoppable as we move through this new challenge, not knowing the success is coming because of His guiding hand being upon us just like our hand on our child's bike. After some success, He lets go and sends us on our way with His watchful eye ready to step up and help us when we fall or just quit out of fear and frustration. But just like you and I did with our child, when we encouraged him/her and assured them if they got up and got back on we would be there with our hand on the bike, God is there with His hand helping us, then giving us a chance to ride on our own.  Eventually, with constant encouragement and help if the child keeps getting up and climbing back on, he will learn to ride, and with the riding comes a whole new set of adventures... You too, must keep trying, keep getting up until you find you can do this thing with God's help and strength... then comes the WHOLE NEW ADVENTURE. Gal 6:9-10 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.