January 2019   
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Having married my sweetheart while still in college, I had to carry 15 hr/semester for my scholarship, and I had to work full time to keep us afloat. My job was with KALB TV 5 where I began as a cameraman and worked my way into becoming a director of the evening shift. While still a cameraman, one evening we taped a Sears commercial about their lawn garden equipment. The TV personalities left but did not take any of the equipment which included a lawn tractor. Suddenly, the other cameraman cranked it up and began to drive it around the studio floor. Next, the Projectionist came out to join the fun, followed by the Audio Technician and finally the Director. They began to pick the back wheels up off the floor, accelerate the tractor and drop it where it would spin out and skid over the floor. I knew this was not going to turn out good, so I walked off the floor and stood with the Engineer inside the control booth. I knew two things, those black marks were not coming off the floor and those guys would not have jobs the next day. Sure enough, I received a call from the Production Manager to come in early the next day. To my surprise he informed me that I had broken the company rules by leaving the floor and entering the control booth, but before I could defend myself he said all four men who enjoyed the passing pleasures of riding a lawn tractor in the studio were without jobs and I was being promoted to Audio Technician, passing the regular move up to Film Technician. The teaching moment? I had not earned that promotion by working the program; I had been rewarded with the promotion because I respected the integrity of KALB and had refused to enjoy the passing pleasures of being "one of the boys". According to Heb. 11:25 Moses chose Christ over the "passing pleasure of sin" in Pharaoh's house. We too will find there are many blessings in our spiritual lives that are ours, not because we earned them, but because we honor the Lord and chose to be faithful to Him rather than to "enjoy the passing pleasures of sin".