January 2019   
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During the month of December, I had the pleasure of being with my son, Jason and his oldest child, Julia on a deer hunt. Being with them when she killed her first deer was a real blessing (which I will expound upon next week) that brought my mind back to her dad, Jason. Because Jason was really into basketball, being a starter during his junior and senior years at Eunice High School, we had very little time to hunt together. My heart was set on deer hunting, but Jason enjoyed duck hunting more bad then. It gave us some special time in that duck blind that would not have been available in a deer stand where silence is golden. Occasionally he would choose to hunt a deer stand but unfortunately without success. He was actually a married young man when we first got him a deer. The huge smile on his face told us all we needed to know. It fact was he had not only killed his first deer, he had two; a 7 pt. buck and a doe.  That is where the teachable moment comes in... He had to be "bloodied". That is the time honored tradition of placing blood from the first kill on the face of the hunter. I had that privilege and simply used the blood to put "Indian stripes" on his cheeks and forehead. Jason wore the blood proudly when we went into town for lunch, as a matter of fact; he wore the blood though out the day and overnight. The uninformed may have thought it curious or even foolish, but to the other hunters, it said "I got it done!" When we as Christians proudly display the blood of Jesus and tell the world "I got it done", unbelievers may find it curious or even foolish, but those of us who are redeemed it is the power of God that cleansed us and made us new. "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." 1 Cor 1:18.