January 2019   
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September 23, 1993 it appeared that we had lost our firstborn grandchild, Timothy Hoychick. According to the doctors who tended to him in Eunice, LA immediately after the terrible auto accident, he would not make the helicopter flight to Lafayette. Timothy had his entire forehead removed by an oil field pipe sticking out of the back of a truck. The doctors told us (Sonya, Gilda and I) that if he made it through surgery, we could not expect more than a comatose child. The social worker told us if he happened to live through this ordeal, we should expect a drastic and negative personality change due to the extreme trauma the brain. The three of us immediately rejected that, and verbally declared to them that our God would give him "the sweetest personality" a person could have. We further believed that God gave us the promise that he would not die, but would return to us and enjoy his life. For seven days, no hope was given... not even a 1% chance of living. Then, God stepped in and began what the hospital called "A miracle" in their monthly publication. Not only did we get him back, we got back "the sweetest young man" that will be found anywhere around. The day the doctor's gathered us together and said "He's going to make it" was one of the most awesome days in our lives. All the dire predictions of vegetative state, blindness, unable to learn... all melted away as God through His Son, Jesus Christ reached from heaven and touched our little 5 yr. old grandson. That joy may be the closest thing I will experience to the event where Jesus Christ literally rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples. Can you just imagine the pain, shame, and regret of those disciples for three days, looking back on their abandonment of the One they had call Lord? Now, imagine the joy they received when He appeared before them risen from the dead in that upper room...  Then, decide where you want to be on the day we celebrate that Resurrection; at home having a great old time with family and friends, or worshipping the One who sacrificed Himself for us then conquered death in order that we could live also.  John 14:19-20 Because I (Jesus) live, you will live also.