January 2019   
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The Joys of Christmas


In my my 62nd Christmas I look back and realize i have always loved this time of year and especially this Holiday. But, in looking back, I can't remember the gifts I received over the years... as a matter of fact, I hardly remember what I bought for the kids and grandkids over the years. You may be asking, "If he doesn't remember those gifts, how can he say it's his favorite Holiday?" My reasons are simple. First, it is the celebration of God becoming a Man, entering our world and living without sin in order to become our sacrifice. Secondly, I love to see joy in those the eyes of children. Whether my own grown up kids, or our precious grandkids. When you realize that giving is just exactly what God did, you will rejoice in the ability He gives for us to be able to do the same. So, when you give those gifts, remember, the greatest gift of all was God's Gift to us... Jesus Christ, His own Son.