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Myrtis May Miller Hoychick entered this world on March 4, 1925 and entered the heavenly kingdom on September 27, 2010. In the 85 years between, she married John Hoychick and gave birth to three sons, John, Jr., Darryl and Terry. The most important event in her life was the day she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savoir. Mom was the oldest of three children who saw her father, Leopold Miller, give his life to the Lord and experience a life change that made them want to understand what had happened. Shortly after his profession of faith, Mom also accepted Jesus and never looked back. She was instrumental in bringing her own husband, our dad, to the same salvation she experienced. When she first met him during WWII, she would not date him but invited him to attend church with her. He was willing and ultimately got that date and eventually got the girl. Once married, Dad was saved and lived a godly life with her serving the Lord through the First Baptist Church of Basile. Mom taught Sunday School as far back as my memory can bring me, starting with youth girls and ending with Senior Adult ladies. She was also very active in the choir, which my dad led for 38 yrs. She and dad were the alto and bass on the very first Louisiana French Baptist Radio Hour’s quartet, going to Lafayette monthly to record their songs in French for Rev. Theo Cormier during the 1950’s and early 60’s. Not only were they totally involved in the church, they brought Christ into the lives of many young people who were struggling with family issues. There were years where they raised these children in their home and treated them just like they were their own. When Mom had young men, or needy families come and do “yard work” (which Dad could easily do) they were always included at the table for lunch, given drinks during the days and always paid well. She ran her own business for 48 yrs. retiring only at the age of 83. One of the main stays of her Fabric Shop was weddings. Every bride who came to pick up her wedding dress was given a “Bride’s Bible” with Ephesians 5 marked. She would then read the instructions for a wife to the bride and pray for God’s blessings on their union. This, she said, was her ministry. It was, but it was only one ministry she was engaged with; her weekly ministry to the nursing home was another, continuing until the Lord took her home.  Though she was not perfect, she was an amazing woman, wonderful mother and loving wife. She will be greatly missed.