January 2019   
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Growing up, Dad took time to teach us how to fish and hunt, and how to be the best we could be in both those hobbies. It was usually during the middle of August that we would begin to pattern our shotguns and practice shooting at moving targets. Growing up in the country had many benefits, not the least was being able to shoot our shotguns in the back yard. Dad would get paper plates and throw them at diffident angles much like skeet shooters do today.  I was always able to hold my own with my older brother, Johnny, but when little brother Terry got old enough to do some wing shooting, it was a different story. It was terrible to be bested by your little brother, and though I would never have admitted it to him, his shooting was much better than mine.  I was then faced with a dilemma, should I hunt in the same blind as Terry and possibly be embarrassed or should I just give up and quit hunting since I was not a natural shooter? It didn’t take me long to decide hunting was more important than whether I would be less successful than Terry, so I continued to hunt and just accepted that we were not competing, we were enjoying being together and bringing home the ducks and geese. Now… some people have told me they don’t do any witnessing because it just isn’t natural for them. They look at others who have that great ease and ability to approach people with the gospel and conclude by saying it just isn’t their “gift”. You must first realize that witnessing is not a gift; it is a command from Jesus to every believer (Mat. 28:19-20). And yes, it is true it’s easier for some… it still is important for all of us to do. So, make the decision now, just as I did with my hunting; recognize you are not competing with anyone and enjoy the opportunity to bring home the souls.