January 2019   
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In my dating years, like most godly families, my dates had to meet parental approval. Some girl friends brought smiles of approval and some brought raised eye brows, but all had to be Christians who attended their church regularly. Though I worked every summer and most holidays in order to have my own money and not have to ask Dad for any, I could never raise enough to buy and insure an automobile, so like most young men, I had to borrow "Dad's car". My habit was to stand on our drive way and wait at the appropriate time for Dad to drive in from work and have him hand me the keys. Each time two questions: "Who are taking out?" and "Where are you going?" He never asked what time I would get in... he set the time. In the summer after graduation, I was standing waiting for Dad and his car, when he handed me the keys he asked his first question: Who are you taking out? When I said, Gilda Corkin, he smiled and said "Now you're showing good sense and good taste"... Wow! He didn't even ask the famous second question, because he knew Gilda, she was very active in our church, and he knew wherever she would go, would be okay with him. Well, he was right, and I kept up the good sense by dating, getting engaged and marrying that great little Christian girl... the mother of my four children and my heartbeat for these forty-three years.  The scripture? Prov 12:4 An excellent wife is the crown of her husband..."