January 2019   
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Power Under Control


When we lived in Golden Meadow, LA I was blessed to be involved with buying, breaking and training horses. Through the years we had many incredible experiences, but I want to share one story about our youngest child, Hannah, and a horse I did not own. The horse belonged to my best friend who named him Tee Boy. That name came because he was relatively small at two years of age when we broke him. But Tee Boy had an extra gene or two that did not come from the Quarter Horse stock he reportedly came from. That horse grew to 16 hands and at least 1100 lbs. He was trained for working cattle, mainly roping rather than cutting. His fearless demeanor and tremendous strength made him perfect for roping bulls.  Often, my friend was hired to work cattle, and especially the bull(s). Tee Boy was unusual in several ways, but the nature I speak of now is his tremendous strength and yet gentle nature. This horse that would hold or drag a bull and refuse to back down when challenged, would allow me to put my 2 yr. old daughter on his back and he would walk her around without even so much as a bobble.  Hannah would kick and yell "Giddy up" and sling his reins around and he would walk around like a kid's pony. I owned several horses at that time and would never have placed her on any of them, but Tee Boy was different. I watched him and thought, "Power under control". If an adult climbed on board, he/she better be ready... but a child, no problem... gentle as a lamb. This is the perfect example of Christians. We are full of power from the Lord, yet we are commanded to be gentle, loving one another and praying for each other.  Our strength comes from the Lord to enable us to overcome the temptations of sin and Satan (Eph. 6:10), but His love also is provided for us to do those things for each other and to do the impossible.... love and pray for our enemies (1 Cor. 13). So let us be "Strong in the Lord and the power of His might" and share the greatest of all the gifts God gives to us ... Love.