January 2019   
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While pastoring in Eunice, our church decided to canvas the entire city limits within a five year period. On our very first attempt we came across Mrs. Ruth. Mrs. Ruth was a widow lady in her 60’s who was at home sitting in two inches of water in her home and asking God what in the world could she do. There had been a huge rain storm that flooded the gully down her street where debris had gathered and formed a dam. Many homes had been hurt, but this home had a sweet lady with no hope who needed help with the house, but also needed the Lord. After lending her a hand by calling members of our church to her home, we cleaned the floors, moved wet furniture outside and set her up in the same day. The next day was Sunday and she walked that isle saying she wanted to know how to love like our church loved. She was introduced to Jesus and became one of those special loving children of God who reached out to others. You can only be a part of such wonderful stories by getting out of your comfort zone and be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus to a lost and dying world.