January 2019   
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Get Up and Climb Back On


During the 1980's I was into breaking wild horses and doing the basic training (green reigning) for extra "hunting money" with several of the men of our church. Along the way I accumulated a few for myself, since Gilda and I loved to ride, enjoying the outdoors and the horses. My kids also learned to ride and all seemed to be naturals. Our youngest child, Hannah, was born during those years and she loved to ride with her daddy. On one particular Saturday, she wanted to go riding while my mare was lame. Rather than saying "no" I called a buddy and asked if I could use his son's horse for the occasion. With an "of course" we set out to go riding. The four lane hurricane evacuation highway was partially completed so we just took off riding along the ample grassy shoulder of the road.  After some time, Hannah asked if she could sit in the saddle because the cantel (back) of the saddle was hurting her stomach. Like any good daddy, I said yes and twisting in the saddle picked her up and put her in front of me while I slid on the horse's rump. Instantly the horse began to buck and realizing we were doing the "rodeo" with on- coming traffic, I grabbed Hannah to my chest and bailed off onto my back on the ground. The horse immediately stopped bucking and began grazing in the lush grass. After making sure Hannah was not injured, I reached for the reigns and brought the horse back safely away from traffic. I knew Hannah had to get back on that horse or else she would never enjoy riding again with fear taking hold on her. I picked her up and slid her back into the saddle, explaining it would be okay, the horse was just scared by me. We then made our way back to the stable with Hannah riding and me leading the horse on foot. That afternoon, I found out the horse would not allow anyone to double on her. Apparently a 3 yr. old girl did not seem to be a problem but a 200 lb. man was. Riding is like everything else in our lives, we can receive great joy but every now and then we can get hurt. What do you do, when you are hurt and fear begins to take a hold on you thinking it might happen again? You get up and climb back on. The wisest man to ever live has spoken by the Holy Spirit in Proverbs 24:10, "If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small". Don't let a little pain rob you of the blessing and joy you encounter in your life, get up, dust your pants off and get back on.... victory only comes to those who refuse to lose. Let your faith arise!