January 2019   
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October is always exciting for me because it calls for cooler weather and of course... hunting season. When my son, Jason, turned 10 yrs. old, I began taking him hunting and teaching him the basics of firearms safety. But during those years we lived in the Coastal Marsh country of Lafourche Parish where the ducks poured in from the north. I was blessed to have a family by the name of Brunet' who not only allowed me to hunt with them, they set me up with my own blind, furnished the pirogue and the decoys I needed to have successful hunts. That tenth year for Jason brought his first duck hunt as well as squirrel hunting. We left school on Friday with enough time to make an afternoon hunt, stay over at the camp and hunt the next morning also. Though we had brought heavy clothes, with balmy weather that afternoon, we only put our light jackets on and headed to the blind. About one hour later, the wind suddenly turned to the north and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees. I felt terrible for Jason; here he was on his first duck hunt, shivering in a blind that did not see a single duck under blue bird clear skies. I took my jacket off and wrapped him in it to help, but he was still cold. It was then I noticed something for the first time.... in that shivery little body was the biggest smile I could remember. I realized then that regardless of the cold weather and lack of ducks, this was his FIRST duck hunt with his dad. That's when I began smiling and almost started to cry, because I realized this was my FIRST duck hunt with my son. From that moment on, the afternoon was great. We didn't kill any ducks, we didn't even get to shoot at any ducks, but we had been together for the first time in a duck blind, and that was enough.  Though, taking your son, or daughter hunting or fishing or whatever you do as a hobby is important to the healthy development of your children, it is of utmost important to teach them your love and commitment to the Lord. Yes, my children learned to love the outdoors, but most importantly... they learned to love the Lord. Prov 22:6 " Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it."