January 2019   
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Looking back over the past 42 years of marriage my mind has gone to some of the exploits of my children. When God called us to the First Baptist Church of Golden Meadow in 1979, our first two children were able to attend a school only one block from our home (Jason was only 4 and Hannah was not yet). When Tami hit the seventh grade the Jr. High had a track team, and she wanted to run track, which I thought would be great, since not only enjoyed track in high school, but I had coached track during the years before I was called into ministry. Quickly I found that she was a true athlete with the natural running ability few have, and a desire to win. I would go with her at times and help her with the proper way to stride or sprint, staying out of the way of the coach as much as possible. Then we learned the bad news; half their track meets were on Wednesdays. I told her coach, that she could run in every meet except the ones on Wednesday because it was a church night. The coach had no problem with that, after all she didn't really know Tami, the new kid on the team. Then we had our first meet. They had placed Tami in the half mile (my old race) and when the dust had settled on that half mile event, Tami had not only won, she had set a new school record. (She did improve that time and it still stands at Galliano Jr. High, twenty something years later) But, now we had a problem... the coach wanted her at every track meet, but we stood by our convictions and made her church the priority, not athletics. Amazingly, the next year there were no Wednesday meets... can you imagine that. Tami learned that nothing is more important than the Christian life, and she learned that God will honor those who honor him. Once she got to high school, the coaches knew who she was, and they placed her in the maximum events allowed by the High School Association, and in her final year of track was voted the Women's Outstanding Track Member. She still loves the physical challenge and had been an aerobics instructor for many years, now teaching others who to win. When you have to chose between athletics and serving the Lord, chose correctly, chose the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Gal 6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.