January 2019   
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With February bringing the thoughts of love, I am reminded of the thoughts that came to me when Gilda was carrying our first child, Tami. We were here in Pineville, where I was a fulltime student at Louisiana College and a fulltime employee of Pinecrest State School as a Cottage Parent. When Gilda was getting close to her "due date" I began wondering about how I was going to feel about this child and my wife. Was I going to lose some of my love for Gilda in order to have love for our coming child, or was my love going to change somehow with this new arrival. As all of you who have traveled that road can attest, I found that my love doubled... I didn't have to share it... and my love grew even stronger for my wife, Gilda when she became the mother of my child. There was no way for me to know how that would happen, until Tami actually entered our world. Even so, the love of our Heavenly Father cannot be truly known until the day arrives for us to enter into His world. IT will be then, that this love we have experienced on this side, will truly become the everlasting love given to us through our Lord Jesus and God the Father.