January 2019   
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In The Shadow of His Wings


Back in the 90’s Gilda and I went to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Southern Baptist Convention, and joined in the Crossover weekend. Crossover is the evangelist weekend prior to the convention. We were assigned to help the struggling First Baptist Church of Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas. Our task was to go door to door and invite people to visit the church, come to the special service the next day, and if possible witness to those willing to hear our message. What we did not know, was that a heat wave would hit at that very week and we would be walking door to door in 115 degrees heat. It was during that trip that I finally understood the importance of shade or as the scriptures calls it the “shallow”. I knew from our days of heat in Louisiana that the shade would help, but with our humidity, shade does little to cool you down. But Nevada’s heat is much like the heat experienced in the biblical land of Israel, it is dry heat. We were working two story apartment complexes and as we would approach the doors of the apartments, the shallow of the second floor would cover us and it was absolutely amazing how cool it was in that shade. When David calls for God to “hide me under the shadow of Your wings” Ps 17:8 or the psalmist declares, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Ps 91:1, they are talking about God protecting us from all evil. Once we are under the “shadow” of His protection, we will find comfort and rest from the evils of our world. So, when the heat of danger is upon you, go to the Rock and stand under His shallow.
As, a matter of interest, we visited 150 apartments and homes, and were only invited into two. In one home we were able to lead a woman to the Lord, who came and made her profession of faith public in the worship service the next day, and the other was a Mormon who wanted to convert us. Though we did not have tremendous success that weekend, Henderson FBC was able to experience wonderful growth in the next two years, because a few Southern Baptists hit their streets.