January 2019   
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No Warmth Without The SON


Many, many years ago when I was just a boy, my family went to visit with Dad’s sister, Aunt Anne and her family in Pennsylvania during the week of the 4th of July. We had made many visits to Revloc, PA and then on to Cleveland, OH to visit our Grandma and aunts and uncles while growing up, but this trip was going to be different, we were going to camp in the Alleghany Mountains along the Alleghany River. We were completed overwhelmed with the idea of camping, fishing and swimming for a week. But when Mom made us pack, she told us to get out our winter coats and pack them. Winter coats? For the 4th of July? We thought Mom had really lost it, but if she said to take them, we would take them… even though we thought they would never come out of the suit case.
The mountains were gorgeous just like we thought they would be, but… swimming? Only at high noon, because the water was icy cold until then, and those coats… we were glad to have them every evening when the temperature dropped and the chill set in. On the night of the 4th we lit up the sky over the Alleghany River with our winter coats on. It a wonderful trip that I will never forget. But I also learned a valuable lesson. The river being icy cold in July and the winter coats needed during that week were due to the lack of sun. Deep inside the mountains we had the sun for maybe four hours, the rest of the time the sun was hidden from us. Without the sun, there was no warmth, and little light. Without the Son, there is no warmth and no light. Jesus came to earth to give us both Light and Life, without Him this world is cruel and cold, but with the Son, we have all the joy of the Lord and His great creation.