January 2019   
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Knowing You Are Lost


My brothers and I were invited to make an afternoon hunt with a friend on the opening day of squirrel season. When we reached the area of the woods we could hunt I found out that there was no road, or creek, or natural boundary markers, so I decided to hunt in loops, going into the woods from the field and then returning to the field. I did this for two reasons, first, it was overcast and drizzling so there was no sun to give me directions, and second, I get lost real easy without a compass, which I had forgotten. Shortly after entering the woods, I spotted a squirrel moving from tree to tree so I began trying to sneak up on him for a shot. Before long he was no where to be seen and I could not find the field. I started walking in a straight line, but I kept running into this same crooked tree… it didn’t matter what direction I took, I always ended at that same tree. With darkness drawing near, I finally admitted “I must be lost”. That realization was humiliating but I decided to give the universal signal for a lost hunter anyway… three rapid shots followed by three more rapid shots. I waited and no one answered, so then I lost all my pride and yelled at the top of my lungs “hey!” still no answer… Now a new sensation took hold of me… fear! Forget the pride, I was lost and wanted to be found because darkness had closed on me, no one would answer me and it was pitch black in the drizzling rain with no flash light. No one had to convince me I was lost, that realization had come on me like a heavy wet blanket… I just wanted to be found. To shorten the story, around midnight I walked out of the woods seven miles from where I was supposed to be. I was so thankful to find a road I almost fell on it and kissed it. Then the most wonderful sight came into my view on that pitch black drizzly night… a light… a camp fire in the distance. I didn’t know who was there or even where they and I were… I knew only one thing… I was not lost anymore. That is what it takes for a soul that needs saving, he has to realize he’s lost, which can only happen when God chooses to show him. Once that happens, his pride and self confidence will fall and he will search for and welcome “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Cor 4:6)