January 2019   
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Talking about gardens, my first memory of having a garden comes before I was old enough to actually work in the garden. Once I learned how much work was needed, I lost that desire, but I can remember loving black-eyed peas (still do) and taking some one day and planting them myself in Dad’s garden.   I was greatly disappointed when they never came up. I had broken the ground with my spoon and placed them in the ground next to the tomato plants but… nothing. When I complained to Dad, he asked where I had gotten the seeds. Seeds? What was that? I had taken the black-eyed peas from my plate and planted them. That was when I learned about the peas dying and drying up before they are canned or cooked. Once I knew, I never left a pea on my plant… they were all eaten. I later learned that my older brother, Johnny who graduated Suma Cum Laud from Louisiana College and is now a very successful attorney in north Louisiana, once asked where the “meat” plants were. Hummmmm… don’t give up moms when that young one asks dumb questions, he may just be the next Einstein