January 2019   
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When Gilda and I were married we made a commitment to be faithful to the Biblical teaching on tithing.  We had both learned its truth and importance in our homes growing up. But things were hard for us in the beginning. I worked at Pinecrest State School and received a salary of $200 a month. I was also a full time student at Louisiana College carrying 15 hrs. a semester to keep my scholarship. We had not learned the principal of giving the first fruits to the Lord and therefore waited until the end of the month to pay our tithe. On one particular month, Gilda informed me we did not have enough money to pay our $20 tithe and still have enough money to buy our groceries for the last week of the month. We agreed together to trust God’s promise and brought our tithe to church that Sunday, not knowing how we would buy our food, but determined to be obedient to the scriptures. On the very next day I received a card from my grandmother in Ohio. She could not read or write in English, so her daughter, my Aunt Mary wrote a note for us. It simply said “Grandma told me to send this to you, because the Lord told her you might need it”. Inside the card was a $20 dollar bill! No one knew of our financial situation because we never told anyone nor did we ask for help from our families, but our Father in Heaven knew and his daughter, Sophia, was obedient to send that which He promised. It was a lesson well learned that has caused us to always be obedient with the Lord’s tithe and His offerings.