January 2019   
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Well Intended But Wrong


Have you ever found yourself confused or maybe lost due to following something you knew was absolutely true? That is exactly what happened to me once while hunting with Dad. I was between 10 and 11 yrs. old when Dad started letting me squirrel hunt on my own. He would walk me, usually in the early morning darkness, to a great spot for squirrels, and then walk off to another nearby area where he also would hunt. Knowing that there was a possibility that I might get scared, or that he would want to have me join him when he saw a squirrel, he gave us a signal which sounded like the whistle of a quail. We were to answer him with the same call acknowledging a response. This worked great except for one time. I heard him whistle and though I thought it was too soon to call me, I responded with my whistle. Then came the second whistle, which meant “Come here”. So, I began my stealth approach to where I thought he was. But, instead, I heard him off to my left. This meant he was following a squirrel and wanted me to have the shot. I dutifully answered and moved in that direction, only to hear him off in another direction. This went on for quiet some time and I never seemed to be able to find him. Then suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and look up into the face of a very aggravated father. His first words were “What are you doing out here, I told you not to move until I whistled for you.” When I explained that I had been following him all over the woods, he laughed and told me I was following a real quail and not his call. There may be times in my life that you think you are following the right call only to find yourself lost. But in those times we have a Father who will also care enough about us to come and find us and bring us back to safety. The scriptures tell us in Proverbs 16:25 “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Make sure you are on the right way… the Father’s way.