January 2019   
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During the 80’s when we were living in Golden Meadow our children’s ages ranged from preschooler to teenagers. That is a difficult spread to cover. During our family altar time we would have the children read the Bible story. It must have been hard on Tami and Sonya who were teenagers to patiently wait on their little brother Jason to read on his night, but they did wait and without complaint. The depth that each needed could not be met with simply reading the story, we had to have some discussion and clarification for each level of the children. We used good children’s Bible story books that were easy for them to understand, while others like my childhood family grew up on the KJV “Family Bible”. After scripture reading we would have prayer requests and the subjects they brought up, regardless of how unusual, were prayed for just like Mom and Dad’s requests. Did this make all our children spiritual giants without flaw? No, they still had flaws just like their daddy, but it did teach them that Jesus gave us forgiveness and then strength to conquer those flaws. The importance is having a daily family altar. Those times are special and will help mold any family into the likeness of Christ.