January 2019   
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Father's Day: Ending Well

I never had the privilege to know my grandfather Hoychick, he died when my dad was just a boy, but I did have the wonderful blessing of having are godly father and grandfather on Mom’s side.  When I recall them it is always with joy, respect and love that they freely gave to me.  My grandfather Miller, whom we called “Dad-Dad” was the first in our entire family to come to know the love and salvation given by Jesus.  He was very successful in leading the majority of his family and his in-laws to the Lord as they saw the tremendous change that took place in his life and his commitment to serving that Lord who gave him peace and freedom along with His love.  I never heard him speak ill about his church, fellow deacon or pastor.  He and Dad were men who respected those who belonged to the Lord.  Good or bad, the church, deacons, and pastor all were special to the Lord and therefore special to the two of them.


My prayer has been that I would be the kind of father to my children and grandfather to my grandchildren that I enjoyed growing up with.  Both Dad and Dad-Dad finished well.  They stood on God’s Word all their lives, never wavering about where and when to stand up for the Lord and never slacking off from the responsibilities entrusted to them.  It is so important to raise your children under the teachings of God’s Word but it is just as important to stay true to that commitment at life’s end.  We find in the Bible a king named Uzziah, a godly man who served wonderfully for 50 years over Judah, but his last two years were lived in shame, separated from his people as a leper.  You see, as wonderful as he was, he didn’t “end well” because he rebelled against the Word of God.  Let each of us pray and prepare to “end well”.  May it be said of me at the end of my days, that which I heard spoken over my father and grandfather, “He was a good man who stood and did not turn from his family and his God.”