January 2019   
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I know those of you that know me would be surprised to find out that I was a “little” hard-headed as a youth. Not only hard-headed but I seldom listed fully to instructions, since I knew everything already.  Most of you also know that my dad was a “hands on” dad, who taught me along with Mom, how to worship, pray, sing, and study God’s word.  But he also taught us how to play ball, wrestle, run and hunt, and he also tried to teach me how to find my directions in the woods.  My tendency was to be so excited about getting into the woods to actually hunt, I would half way listen to the instructions and half way listened to instructions are half truths.  For instance, Dad told me to walk up to the bayou and see what direction it was flowing. Since I would be hunting upstream, this would help me know how to get back to the truck by walking downstream.  Well, that made since, so I took off toward the bayou, but saw movement in the branches off to my left and decided to check it out before I reached the bayou.  I chased after that squirrel and then another, but after not finding either, I walked up to the “bayou” and noticed the direction of the water’s flow.  That would have brought me back to the truck, if I was actually at the bayou, but instead I had walked up to a large gully that would lead to the actual bayou.  All morning I hunted and successfully killed a few squirrels until 11:30 when I was to start back to the truck.  I followed the “bayou” but instead of coming to the truck, I came to this second bayou.  It really was the bayou I was supposed to check out when I left the truck, but I had half way listened and there was no memory of Dad saying I would come to another bayou.  So, I did what every lost boy in the woods would do, I back tracked to find the truck.  It seemed like I had walked a long way toward the truck without reaching it, but I was going in the right direction…. I just knew it.  Later, when I started hearing the horn blowing I wondered if that was another dad behind me looking for his boy who was lost in the woods too.  So, I pressed on until the “bayou” got so small I could have walked across it.  I remember thinking, “I’ll have to tell Dad about this narrowing, we won’t have to drive to the other end of the woods to hunt the other side.” I would show him this narrow spot.  Shortly thereafter the bayou ended… that was not good!  I knew that bayou did not end on our property, but I knew I was heading the right direction because I had checked the flow of the bayou and I had to be heading in the right direction.  Then, I heard the faint sound of someone hollering behind me. I knew something had gone wrong so I decided to go to the shouting, maybe this guy could point me in the right direction.  My walking soon became running and strangely the shouting voice was calling out “Daaaarrryyyylllll”.  My first thought was “what is Dad doing over there?”  Finally I found Dad, who was not too happy but it didn’t  make any difference to me… even his scoulding did not hurt, I was now safe… even if Dad was in the wrong place, he knew his way out.